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Integration for the

Mind, Body & Spirit.

I offer an integrative mind, body, spirit approach for radical healing of relationships with self, God and others. I give people stress reduction and good quality sleep tools along with guiding them to discover and release their personal and inherited traumas. I encourage them to live a full life, supported by their own body and all it was created for. I help them gather lost parts of themselves and integrate all realms of their life, especially that of their spirit, if important to them. Also, if they choose, it’s my joy to support their journey of contemplative prayer towards the deep heart.

Sleep Therapy

If you need to stop worrying about sleep, fall asleep and stay asleep through the night.

The Stress & Sleep Reset Method is a gentle and comprehensive method that goes beyond rigid cognitive and behavioral recipes. It helps you discover and take charge of the specific causes, the roots of your sleep problems. You may choose individual sessions, group sessions, or a combination of both.



A variety of talks and workshops, from two-hour to half-day weekend workshops, to series of five to seven sessions in the format of Zoom workshops.

The most sought-after topics are:

stress, anxiety and sleep;

communication and conflict resolution;

co-dependent tendencies & inter-generational transmitted trauma;

integration of ancient Christian spirituality.

Please contact me if your community is interested in such topics.


Depending on your current needs and life history, you may choose psychotherapy or coaching sessions.

If you had a difficult childhood or went through traumatic events, it is likely that you will spend some time sorting out the impact they had on you and in learning new ways to thrive.

If you have a specific goal, be it career change, wellness, or spiritual integration, then heart-based coaching will better fit your needs.

See more on the Services page.


Online courses are efficient ways of learning and growing despite your hectic life. Busy professionals and stay-at-home parents, we all need to recharge, set boundaries, and learn to deal with difficult people.

A course it is not one of those Zoom events we are all tired of, but a more affordable online interaction with me, usually a combination of a short presentation, somatic practice and practical applications in daily life.

Based on the workshops. Available now!


Anything is possible when you

co-create with God.

I want you to know that anything is possible with God, that you are equipped with all you need to have a joyful life. What you may not know, is that it’s only the fear and worries that don’t let you see your choices and make the right decisions. That you can thrive when you do your part and let God do the rest for you. That is where you start to learn to co-create with God.

Stress & Sleep Reset

Healing through Forgiveness


The Mind

In today’s world, we are bombarded with endless information.  But it’s only the right information that causes our mind’s creative spark to ignite, not just mindless information. An inspired mind can do anything. It all starts with the INSPIRATION, the catalyst. You will find the right knowledge here at Passion for Healing.


The Body

The mind gets lost easily out there in the world. Do not let it wander and waste its energy. Anchor it in your body. Let it serve your mind. Here you will learn how to use your body well, to manage its stress, its energy, and rhythms, in stillness and movement. Mind and body on the path to success.



The Spirit

Your spirit is your force, your passion, the Life itself running in you and running for you, guiding you. Here you will learn to join in with your heart and to bring heart to everything your mind and body do. The integration is here. Here you will learn to connect to the well of never-ending nurture inside of you.



  • One-on-one healing sessions 
  • Couples therapy
  • Stress & Sleep Reset therapy 
  •  Inter-generational parenting
  • Trauma recovery & Forgiveness
  • Other Courses & Workshops


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What They Say

Help for insomnia

“”In your room, I felt heard. I had worked with other therapists in the past but none of them were able to help me with my insomnia the way that you did. I thank you profoundly and will not hesitate to reach out in the future as the need arises.”

Confidence through grief

“I am more confident and less emotional. Situations in my life have changed and I have dealt with much grief. I would never have gotten through these heavy issues without Corina and her kindness and teaching. She has a way of making it easy to talk.”

Transformed from hopelessness

“I feel like I transformed from a core of helplessness and hopelessness to a core of inner confidence and hope. Although the journey has been very difficult, I have kept this strength and resolve.”

Sleep, regained

“The ultimate result was to regain the ability to have a restful night’s sleep.”

Passion for healing

Unexpected solutions. Surprising possibilities.