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Passion for Healing serves individuals, couples, and families who are tired of the struggle to create and maintain fulfilling relationships within their own selves and with others.

Through stress & energy management, (inter)personal psychotherapy and inter-generational life coaching & parenting, focused on a highly personalized approach of integrating mind and heart, body and soul, my clients get to the root of their problems and become confident in their ability to change and heal.

They acquire peace in the midst of turmoil. They start to fulfill the innate desire for love in all their relationships, with themselves and others, with the world and its Creator.


The Mind

In today’s world, we are bombarded with endless information.  But it’s only the right information that causes our mind’s creative spark to ignite, not just lots of undigested information. An inspired mind can do anything. It all starts with the INSPIRATION, the catalyst. You will find the right knowledge here at Passion for Healing.


The Body

The mind gets lost easily out there in the world. Do not let it wander and waste its energy. Anchor it in your body. Let it serve you. Here you will learn how to use your body well, to manage its stress, its energy, and rhythms, in stillness and movement. Mind and body EMPOWERed on the path to success.



The Spirit

Your spirit is your force, your passion, the Life itself running in you and running for you. Here you will learn to join in with your heart and to bring heart to everything your mind and body do. The integration is here. Here you will learn to connect to the well of never-ending NURTURE inside of you.


About Corina

Corina Gheorghiu MA, LMFT, DDS

Someone once asked why I do what I do. Here’s why:

I believe so many people suffer and they don’t know where to go, where to start, or they find it difficult to trust helpers/authority figures in their life. I want to be a safe haven, to “hold” and accept people exactly as they are so that they can start opening up towards their inner self, and discover their truest value.

My biggest accomplishment is my own healing journey out of personal and inherited trauma, manifested in having two amazing, good young adult children and a lasting marriage. Because of my own journey, I personally know that anything is possible. Now I get to witness it in many of my clients who work with me and do their part.

I am a child of God whose goal in life is to let myself be filled with the Holy Spirit, then let the Holy Spirit work through me to help and heal my clients.
I have a lot of medical and psychological training, in the mind-body field. I apply mainstream and alternative methods, depending on my clients’ inclinations. I also integrate contemplative prayer of the heart for Christians and anyone interested in this Eastern spiritual path.
I am qualified through my God-given passion to work with people and to help them heal through the belief that ‘Anything is possible’, especially when they cannot yet believe it because of deep, early or current wounds.

I am not my diplomas, but I need the legal qualifications to do this work (although I’d prefer to do just my own thing). The Heart-Based Method is my personally developed method for holistic integration.

I am the help I never had as a child and young woman. I want to give others the joy and aliveness that I have found later in my life. I discovered that joy never dies in us, but goes beyond the most dreadful traumas. Believe me when I say, I am the poster child for ‘Anything is possible’. I keep walking the talk, although sometimes I’m still disturbed by the past- but now it doesn’t really matter because I have God’s love and support. Let me help you discover the same things in your life.

Passion for healing

Unexpected solutions. Surprising possibilities.