Recently somebody told me that they have many tools, but they do not apply any, or if they apply something it doesn’t work.

Is this your experience? Do you binge on information? Do you try to apply everything at once? Or do you jump from one piece of information to another, believing that you finally found the true ‘fix’?

Many people have a lot of knowledge nowadays. The volume of information is so high, that most of us, hungry for solutions, tend to binge and never take the time to apply what we learn, or we start to apply ‘something’, only to give up that ‘something’ for something new, never ending our frantic search for well-being.

These are some suggestions:

1. Your time matters. Use it wisely. Especially the wake-up and before-bed time.

2. Surfing the internet is very taxing for the mind: it scatters and overwhelms it. Remember the old saying:” Divide and conquer.”

3. Stop searching when you find a piece of information that resonates with you.

4. Spend time applying just that one piece consistently, trustfully, for a while, at least a week. 

5. Do more of what you enjoy, knowing that your nervous system responds less to pushing and tension, and more to soothing and safety.

That’s how you can start to slow down into an inner environment of well-being, a mindset of curiosity and willingness in the midst of chaos.