Start the day with grounding and breathing. Start any task with grounding and breathing: sit in the chair, sit on your seat bones, spine centered in the middle, long, relaxed in its curves; sense your feet on the floor, the back of your thighs on the chair, the part of the back touching the back of the chair, or a pillow, whatever is there in your back. Then let the gravity take the weight of your body into the chair, see if you can let yourself supported by the chair…just notice…then go to your breath, what parts of your body move the most, where can you let go so that you breath naturally, not deeply but fully, not more, not less than you need in this very moment… let your breath be, let it come and go on its own accord, let yourself be, drop your weight in the chair with each exhale you take, center in your heart if you like, center in your core, collect all your energy in, then start working, think of pulling all your collected, grounded energy into laser-focused work. Let the spirit guide you. Enjoy and start.