Radical Repair of All Your Relationships – is this possible?

We spend tremendous amounts of energy, time, and money trying to fix our relationships, only to get more and more entangled in an unfulfilled desire of peace and love. We are wired to love, so it is not surprising that although people hurt and disappoint us, we continue to seek new relationships. But, we apply the same ‘fixing’ method and we get disappointed and hurt again. The cycle never ends until one day the heart stops the “fixing game” and we realize that we are not machinery to be fixed and to fix others.

And this is the breaking point, the healing point, the finding-of-the-heart point. One day the heart will find us. One day the heart will bring us the radical solution: let the bad blood go, drip away the pain, forgive.

This is our heart’s desire, to let go, to forgive, to love fully, deeply, completely.

May today be your finding-of-the-heart day. Come and learn to forgive.

“If you want to love you have to learn to forgive.” – Mother Teresa