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Individual Integrative Psychotherapy

A mind & body approach to heal the issues that come from the past, and manifest in the present, so that your future will not be affected, and you will be able to live your own life, and not the life imposed by others. You will learn life-long skills for dealing with any issue that may come your way by: grounding in your body, setting a clear mindset for your future, sorting out through what you want to keep and what to discard from your previous life experience, anchoring new insights and beliefs in your mind & body, and sustaining them with ease, clarity and strength.

$180 / 50 minute session

Individual Spiritual Integrative Psychotherapy

This is a service for Christians who want to bring their faith in the process of therapy. It is a mind, body & spirit approach which helps you deal with the confusion of living in a predominantly non-Christian world without feeling lost, alone, and unfulfilled. You will learn how to live continuously in the presence and love of Christ, through your own choice and inclination of the heart, without the struggle of confusion and doubt. You will find the courage to change and the confidence to fructify and sustain that change. You can learn and integrate a routine of contemplative prayer- the Jesus prayer of the heart.

Special focus: covert spiritual abuse, dealing with the image of God as a punisher, abuse from Christian parents, mind control, and other unspoken and unspeakable or hard to discuss issues.

$180 / 50 minute session

Individual Heart-based  Coaching

This is a service for you if you do not seek psychotherapy, you may have been in psychotherapy before (or not) and seek guidance to better functioning and performance. A powerful battery for your life,

This is a unique style of coaching, {which I developed over time], based on the mature heart, which, when integrated with the mind, becomes the greatest internal resource one can dream of. Powered from within, you will always find a way to balance your emotions, use your energy better, restore your sleep if need be, keep calm, and perform at your full potential. You will discover inner strengths for leading a meaningful life, the way you see it fit.

$180 / 50-minute session

Couples Counseling – Prepare

This service is for you if you are in a committed relationship and you consider taking the next step – marriage. Based on the Prepare/Enrich world-renowned program, it will help you understand each other better, give you life-long needed tools for communication, conflict resolution, dealing with each other’s habits, the family of origin issues and boundaries, preparation for pregnancy, parenting, interfaith, and much more. Secular or faith-based. You can choose the type of online assessment from the get-go. For more information click here.

$180 / 50-minute session

Couples Counseling – Enrich

This marital counseling service is for you if you want to maintain your couple’s well-being after the Prepare program, if any new problems come up, or if you have never taken Prepare and you want to resolve specific issues and to reset or set up a fulfilling relationship for your couple and family. It is based on different psychological integrative methods. You can also take the online Enrich assessment as a couple or family, blended families, step-parenting; the assessment includes parenting dynamics of each parent with each child.

$220 / 50-minute session

Ongoing Courses & Groups

NEW! We offer the Healing Through Forgiveness online course available for both individuals and groups.

Stay tuned for other courses, groups, and therapy offerings from Passion for Healing. We strive to make sure that we stay relevant to changing circumstances and scientific research.


Take back your life. The time is now.

Time is more precious than money. Time is not the yesterday and not the tomorrow. The time you have is in your hands, here and now. Take it. Do not let it slip away. The world is shaken, but you should not be. Do not let it rule you. Go inside. It is easier to put yourself together than to wait for the whole world to put itself together. It is easier to learn how to hold yourself up in a shattered world than to wait for this world to hold you. Stop letting these heavy times suck you dry. Do something now when you still can. Come to discover your own strength and passion. Come to build new roots and a new heart.

Start healing here and now, with Passion For healing at your side.

Packages & Bundles

4x Pass

10% Off

Interested in booking four sessions? That’s outstanding. Change takes time.

As we utilize our Heart-Based method to help you heal, we want you to be able to plan ahead for your journey. Because of that, we’ve given you a 10% discount to book 4 sessions today!

Pick Any 3

15% Off

If you are interested in more than one type of service from me, that’s wonderful. Humans are made from many beautiful working parts, and we want you to be whole.

Book any 3 services with Passion for Healing and receive a 15% discount!


What They Say

Help for insomnia

“”In your room, I felt heard. I had worked with other therapists in the past but none of them were able to help me with my insomnia the way that you did. I thank you profoundly and will not hesitate to reach out in the future as the need arises.”

Confidence through grief

“I am more confident and less emotional. Situations in my life have changed and I have dealt with much grief. I would never have gotten through these heavy issues without Corina and her kindness and teaching. She has a way of making it easy to talk.”

Transformed from hopelessness

“I feel like I transformed from a core of helplessness and hopelessness to a core of inner confidence and hope. Although the journey has been very difficult, I have kept this strength and resolve.”

Sleep, regained

“The ultimate result was to regain the ability to have a restful night’s sleep.”

Passion for healing

Unexpected solutions. Surprising possibilities.