A short practice, especially for the angry, the discouraged and the hopeless:

It’s been many months since the pandemic hit and we are still running like headless chickens, wasting tremendous amounts of energy in patching up old hurts with the ‘white thread’ of justifying, blaming, minimizing or downright denying the effects of this virus on our deep heart. By now most of us are already drained, planted in virtual reality, retreating under masks…Yes, sure, this is all part of the needed self-protection and survival of the species.

But, really, do you just want to survive, to drag your feet from today to tomorrow, half naked, half awake, half drugged by your own doom&gloom hormones?

Please, do not wait anymore. Start today. Get up. Gather up whatever is left of your will and go to the center- it’s not too far away, your heart.

Go to your heart, take a seat in your heart, cover it up with your hand, hold it…then take a breath… a little slower …and a little softer….and a little deeper…hang in there for a while longer…if you can… and now know that you already did it- you took the difficult step, the first one, the radical step of the heart. I call it the practice of “taking my heart by the hand.”

Take your heart for a barefoot walk on the shore of radical change. Let it play. Heart@work, heart@play.