Everything has a core.

You know that the body’s core is the heart. 

You may also know that the souls’ core is the heart.

But did you know that the mind’s core is also the heart? That’s what the full-of-grace, wise elders tell us? That over 25 years of scientific research done by HeartMath tells us? That the heart has her own independent guidance, a nervous system similar to the head brain’s? That the heart is the first one to respond to stress and not the head brain? Yes, because there are more nerve pathways going from the heart (called afferent) to the head than from the head to the heart (called efferent) — which means that the heart gets information before the head does (information goes faster up, from the heart, than down, from the cortex.)

So, yes, we think with our heart, too.

Many think that this is a problem and call it being “emotional”, but this is not really the problem! The problem is that we do not listen to our heart – the core of our being, and we do not add it in all our cognitive processes. We only listen with the head, the periphery of our being. We don’t listen to our core desires, but to the impersonal demands of the mainstream culture – which we adopt as our own “head desires”, high expectations and demands for standard perfection…Those “head desires” get us lost on the outskirts of the heart, unfulfilled, hiding in the plain sight of material abundance. Unfulfilled in the midst of abundance…

As the ancient culture of the heart revealed long ago, and as the current science confirms, I also believe that we can live much better when we unify the two into one big heart- the mature HEART, quiet, receptive and able to give us real answers, what we call the heart’s deep desire. That’s what the Heart Based Method is- a healing path of integrating all your parts lost in transition.